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Frosted Candy Cane

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cool peppermint, the warmth of vanilla, and fresh, bright mint come together for a frosty seasonal blend

  • Average total burn time of 35+ hours.
  • All of our candles are handmade and slight variations in color, wick diameter, and vessel or lid may be visible but do not affect fragrance or quality.


pure soy wax with high quality fragrance oil and a lead-free cotton wick in a reusable container with matching lid


3.5" diameter and 3.38" height

Care information

The lid included with your candle is to prevent dust from collecting when the candle is not in use. Do not carry your candle by the lid, as it sits loosely on top of the jar. Always trim the wick to 1/4" before burning for safety and to prevent excess carbon buildup. To increase the longevity and efficiency of your candle allow a 3-4 hour burn on initial lighting in order for the melted wax to reach the glass. This will establish a healthy melt memory for your wax. Follow care instructions included with your order.